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Divers - Original Painting

Divers - Original Painting

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In 'Divers' - Floral Dive Through Time,' an acrylic painting born of vivid imagination and 1930s Art Deco inspiration, a visual symphony unfolds. This captivating artwork invites you to plunge into an abstract dreamscape, where art, color, and folklore converge.
The centerpiece of this surreal world is a wave, alive with the dynamic fusion of lime green and turquoise. It rises with a timeless, Art Deco elegance, a testament to an era's splendor. Folkloric flowers adorn the wave, their vibrant forms juxtaposed against the calm, yet striking, oceanic backdrop.
Two female divers tumble fearlessly through the tube, celebrating their connection to the sea, as they ride this wave of history. In their daring acrobatics, they echo the spirit of the 1930s, an era marked by innovation and exhilaration.
Above, the sky bathes the scene in a gentle pink hue, providing a surreal backdrop for this extraordinary journey. The scene is a melding of cultures, eras, and dreams, where the worlds of Art Deco and folklore unite in harmonious expression.
'Divers' - Floral Dive Through Time' is a visual testament to the boundless creativity of the human spirit. It transports you to a realm where the past, the present, and the future coexist, and where waves, flowers, divers, and dreams merge in a timeless dance of artistry and emotion."

Original, Painted Art Canvases 100% cotton, gesso primed and stapled on the back.

Original artworks are painted on stretched canvases which are ready to hang on your wall and do not need to be framed. This “unfinished” and authentic look is preferred by many as there is no frame to interfere with the original work. The exposed, wrapped edges are painted also to become part of the piece. You can choose to have it framed if you wish.

Additional canvas sizes and prices are available upon request. All custom orders are paid in full in advance and non refundable. If you would like custom made originals that are different to these, prices may vary depending on complexity.

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All the items are custom made by me and often made to order. Processing times vary from 1 week for the jewelry to 4 weeks for the canvas prints and paintings.

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☽ Care & Cleaning ☾


☾ Proper care and maintenance of your jewelry can help it last for many years.

Avoid exposure to water. Avoid showering, bathing or swimming whilst wearing your jewelry. If your jewelry comes into contact with water, be sure to dry it off immediately.

Raw brass, copper and silver may develop a patina over time, which adds to the unique character of the piece. If you wish to remove it and re-brighten your piece you can use a jewelry polishing cloth or a very fine emery board or nail polishing file (very soft grade only).

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

☾ My paintings are created with high quality artist’s materials. I use Liquitex Basics, Acrilex and Winsor & Newton acrylic paints. These paints are all non toxic.

Your painting was created on stretched canvas. If the wood warps or the canvas becomes loose, please take it to a framing store that specializes in restoring paintings and re-stretching canvases to fix the bars for you. All paintings are painted on the sides so they are ready to hang if you do not want to get them framed or put behind glass.

Your painting has a layer of clear acrylic varnish applied to the surface to protect it. It adds a layer of protection to the paint itself, protecting it from UV damage, however, hang the painting in an area that is not exposed to water and avoid hanging in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight, as UV light can damage the painting and cause the colors to fade.

Please avoid touching or handling the surface of the painting. Your skins’ oils contain acids and can damage the artwork with prolonged handling. To hold and move your painting, please handle it by the sides.

A safe way to clean, remove dust and light debris is to use a dry paint brush to dust particles off the surface, or use a lightly damp microfiber cloth with water only to gently wipe the surface. Do not use any cleaning chemicals or detergents.

An original will always be worth more than a reproduction.

Canvas Prints

☾ Avoid displaying your print in direct sunlight or bright indirect un-UV filtered sunlight as well as fluorescent lighting. Sunlight and fluorescent lights both emit UV light that can fade and damage prints over time.

If you must handle the print, don’t put pressure on the image, a canvas is fabric and will stretch or tear if care isn’t taken. Always hold onto the sides where the stretcher bars are located.

Never attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail as this could scratch the surface of the print.
Lightly dust your print with a soft cloth or duster on a regular basis to prevent any dust buildup. If necessary, gently wipe your print with a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened with water. Do not rub hard. Never use chemicals to clean your print.

It is not advisable to display your print with heat and high humidity. Kitchens, bathrooms, or heat sources such as forced air vents and radiators should be avoided.