Watercolor on paper

My watercolor paintings on 5x7-inch paper are a celebration of the natural beauty and the mystique of Costa Rica. Through my art, I seek to capture the vibrant colors, lush flora, and exotic wildlife that define this captivating land.

Each stroke of watercolor paint on paper is an exploration of the intricate patterns of plant life, the vivid hues of blooming flowers, and the enchanting presence of animals. With a gentle touch, I evoke the serene yet awe-inspiring essence of Costa Rican landscapes and seascapes.In addition to the nature theme,

I venture into the realm of portraiture with my watercolors, each brushstroke revealing the uniqueness and character of the subject. I delve into the mystical, creating dreamlike scenes that invite viewers to embark on a visual journey to a world beyond reality.

My whimsical art takes inspiration from the playfulness of life, offering a touch of lighthearted joy and imagination. I also welcome custom commission projects, where we can explore artistry in any size and subject. Feel free to reach out via email, and together, we can craft a piece that resonates with your vision and emotions.

Through my watercolors, I aim to share the enchantment of Costa Rica's nature, the allure of portraits, the magic of the mystical, and the joy of whimsy. I invite you to explore these realms and to connect with me for your personalized artistic journey