Custom Human Portrait

Portraits make for warm, dreamy memories

As part of the commission process, I will be talking with you to discuss the following:

  • Subject - Single or Multiple Figures
  • Location - Indoors or Outdoors
  • Clothing, Background choice, Theme, Style, Colours
  • Pose - Head & Shoulders, 3/4, Full Figure
  • Size of Painting - Canvas Size
  • Feel of the piece, what emotion are you looking for?

Your favorite photograph

When you have your favorite photographs that you think may be suitable, email them over and we can have a discussion about which might work best.

Usually it can take quite a number of conversations or emails to sort out the photograph reference and inclusions but this is all part of the process. When we’ve decided which key photo I’ll be copying from, I’ll begin the portrait.

It is best to have a photograph with good all round lighting if possible and in good resolution.

Portrait painting commission prices are based on a single subject with a one colour background. Canvas sizes may vary somewhat to adjust to compositions. Commission prices are based upon the size of the painting and the number of subjects. Pets, additional people and a detailed background can be added with additional fees to the price of the portrait.

Artists are skilled at capturing personalities as much as likeness in portraits and often have a ‘style’ for painting people. Be clear when commissioning on whether you are expecting a mirror image or are happy with artistic license.

Each portrait is painted on a stretched canvas using acrylic paints and sealed with a coat of UV resistant varnish spray. Completion time: up to one month.

  • Size

  • 1 person ● 2 people

  • 8x10 inches

  • $185 ● $280

  • 9x12 inches

  • $225 ● $340

  • 12x16 inches

  • $285 ● $445

  • 16x20 inches

  • $385 ● $595

  • 18x24 inches

  • $510 ● $795

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